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The Southern Union (SU) is a politico-economic union of 6 member states that are located in the Indian Ocean. The Southern Union’s main activites take place within Omfattandestad which is located in the Koana Islands.

The Union contains the Direct Democratic Republic of Koana Islands, the Kingdom of Gunsovolk, the Republic of Ianoia, the small Free Lands of Le Grout, the Principality of Xaphagoulis and the Nomadic Peoples of Hakons.

Location on the World Map

Hakons (coming soon)
Koana Islands
Le Grout
Xaphagoulis (coming soon)

The Southern Union is also the administrative body for Association Football and Baseball (SUBA) within the region, although has no direct control over domestic leagues, only Union-wide competitions such as international fixtures and club Champions League events.

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